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Solar panel laser cutting


Quality and Precision

The high-quality attributes of the UV wavelength allow for the cutting and drilling of delicate materials with minimal heat affected zone - and the proof is in the results: clean side-walls with precise dimensions and virtually zero debris. Available with either a 10 W or 15 W laser source, the machine may also be configured to work with various material handling options.

Contour Cutting

The UV laser is a universal tool - and thus suitable for cutting all industry-standard panel sizes with dimensions of up to 533 mm x 610 mm (21” x 24”). The 20 μm high quality UV laser kerf width allows for cutting of even the most delicate contours at high speeds.

Process Monitoring

The systems are equipped with an integrated vision system for fast fiducial recognition, ensuring accurate alignment. The camera’s ability to use virtually any board feature as a fiducial alignment point provides operator flexibility from job to job.

Laser Ablation with Practically No Heat Input

In laser technology, the shorter the laser pulse, the lower the heat input into the surrounding material. With a picosecond laser, an important hurdle is over-come: there is practically no heat transfer; the targeted material evaporates immediately.


Specialist for Micromaterial Processing

This thermal effect is important for both the cutting and the surface processing of temperature-sensitive materials. The laser offers a very high pulse energy for cutting, for example, ceramic materials such as Al2O3 or GaN without discoloring the materials in the machin-ing process. Thanks to the low heat input, no micro-cracks arise in the material.


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