Service policy

Service policy

Customer service policy of Chanxan Laser

Our service included pre-sale service, sale service, after-sale service, customer training and other professional team, from the technology consultation, visit and incoming proofing, customer on-site inspection planning and installation debugging, free, personnel training, equipment maintenance, repair, etc., to provide 7 * 24 hour comprehensive rapid response services.


Sincere service, customer first


Quick service response


7*24 hours online service


Pre-sale service

Technical consultation before sale

1. according to customer needs, at any time through the network, telephone, letters, door-to-door and other ways, to provide customers with product information, technical consultation, technical guidance, to assist customers or customized professional laser processing solutions and other pre-sales customer services.

2. the company in the headquarters and Suzhou, Nanjin, Guangzhou branch has well-equipped intelligent exhibition hall, equipped with a professional reception team, can at any time for customers to provide on-site visit reception, on-site trial machine test, sample making and sample mailing services.

Sale service

Assist users to plan and design production site, free customer training, etc

1. User training is an important part of the market service system. In addition to the full technical exchanges with customers in the early stage, Changxan Laser usually conducts complete technical training for customers during acceptance.
2. Explain the main performance, structure and principle of the equipment.
3. Explain the safety protection knowledge and precautions of laser.
4. Training on the sequence of switching on and off, daily maintenance and troubleshooting of simple faults.
5. Replacement methods and precautions for conventional optical components and wearing parts.
6. Training on the use of marking software and various related drawing software, as well as processing parameters and methods.


After-sales service

7*24 hours, sincere service

1. After the equipment is completed, it needs to go through multi-level maintenance quality inspection procedures such as self-inspection by maintenance technicians, re-inspection by team leaders, final quality inspection by workshop quality inspectors, and final review before delivery by engineers.
2. The company has a team of superb technical experts and service engineers, with a solid foundation and skilled technology to provide customers with professional services.
3. After the equipment maintenance is completed, provide customers with the company's professional equipment inspection services to ensure timely detection and elimination of potential safety hazards and production failures, and ensure the safe and stable operation of the equipment.