• FPCB Laser Cutting Machine
  • Laser drilling micro holes

    Laser drilling micro holes

    Applicable for the high-speed specially-shaped cutting of glass and sapphire with DOL<50µm, cover plate glass of mobile phone, protective lens of camera, cover plate of Home key, and optical lens.

  • Alumina Ceramic Substrate Laser Cutting machine

    Alumina Ceramic Substrate Laser Cutting machine

    Laser Machining Ceramic Substrate Chanxan have excellent laser service for Al2O3, ALN substrate. Laser Processing Service for Ceramic substrate: 1.Laser Cutting, Scribing, and Drilling service for ceramic substrate. 2.Chanxan provide the design, laser express and surface treatment consultation service. 3.Customization is available. Contact us
  • Laser Cutting Machine CW-1310

    Laser Cutting Machine CW-1310

    Approximate possibilities of laser cutting   Laser power Acrylic(мм) Plywood(мм) MDF(мм) 40 watt 3 2 1,5 50 watt 5 4 2,5 60 watt 8 5 3 80 watt 12 8 6 100 watt 15 12 9 130 watt 20 15 12 150 watt 25 20 15
  • Picosecond Laser Cutting Machine for Glass Coverslip

    Picosecond Laser Cutting Machine for Glass Coverslip

    Important Application Laser Micromachining Thin Glass for Biotech Applications. Glass coverslip laser cut. Laser trimming thick film resistors. Glass & Sapphire Laser Cutting. Laser scoring glass. Applied Industry Color Filters FPD (Flat Panel Display) Manufacturing Smaller Touch Screens. Precision Glass Fabrication. Micro displays. Microscope Slides and Covers. Contact us
  • Laser cutting of carbon fiber composite materials folding phone case

    Laser cutting of carbon fiber composite materials folding phone case

    Program Overview  Can you laser cut composites? Most composites can be processed by laser cutting, engraving, and marking. Lasers are playing an ever expanding role in material processing, from new product development to high volume manufacturing. For all laser processes, the energy of a laser beam interacts with a material to transform it in some way.. Typical Application In many industries around the world, carbon fiber is...
  • Lithium Niobate Laser Cutting

    Lithium Niobate Laser Cutting

    Drilling – specifically laser drilling – is a process that can be used to make micro-holes in almost any material. Pulsed lasers effectively complete this work by depositing very small, finite amounts of energy into a material, resulting in extremely precise and reproducible material removal.   Brief Description 1.Realize X, Y, Z motion control in three directions; 2.Real-time controls the rotation of the laser and changes of processing tilt angle; 3. By setting different combination of...
  • Nanosecond green laser cutting machine
  • PCB Laser Cutting Machine

    PCB Laser Cutting Machine

    1. With high-performance UV lase and self-developed control software.
    2. With the high-precision motion platform system and high-precision galvanometer scanner.
    3. With high-precision CCD positioning system.

  • Inline PCB Laser Marking Machine

    Inline PCB Laser Marking Machine

    Introduction  Specification   Capability to mark text, barcodes, 2D codes and graphics. Conveyor width adjustment using hand crank PCB side clamping Rigid machine structure with large access doors Mechanical PCB lift for constant focal point Fast product change-over Selectable by-pass operation Readability check with CCD camera Three level brightness camera (lighting) Uninterruptible power supply (UPS) Towerlight will show machine status Controlled by industrial PC and CE...
  • Láser para textiles de rayas y cuadros y tejidos sublimados

    Láser para textiles de rayas y cuadros y tejidos sublimados

    Introduction Esta máquina de corte láser tiene una gran visión, automatiza el proceso de corte de piezas bordadas de tela o textil de manera rápida y precisa, compensando automáticamente cualquier distorsión o estiramiento que se produzca en textiles inestables o elásticos. Adopt the third-generation highly intelligent control system, fully automatic control, high-precision positioning, one-time forming, smooth and flat edges A high-resolution camera that perfectly recogni...
  • Máquina De Corte Láser Para Licra

    Máquina De Corte Láser Para Licra

    Introduction Área de trabajo de 1600 x 1000 mm Ancho de corte 1600 / largo de corte capacidad del rollo. Tubo láser CO2 Potencia láser de 90W/130W Velocidad de corte 36m/min (máx.) Velocidad de grabado 0-40000mm/min (máx.) Sistema de Enfriamiento por agua Chiller CW5000 Sistema de control DSP Pantografo laser textil con motor de alta precisión de 3 fases Incluye Extractor de humo de 750 watt Extractor de humo extra en el cabezal laser Soplador bomba electrónica de aire de...