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  • Laser date coding machine

    Laser date coding machine

    Common FMCGs include packaged food, personal hygiene products, tobacco and alcohol and beverages. Short service life is one of the main characteristics of fast-moving consumer goods, so the marking of the production date is very important. Laser Marked Date of Manufacture – Flexible Packagi...
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  • Can you laser engrave plastic

    Can you laser engrave plastic

    Application of laser marking on plastic products Nowadays, plastic has become the most commonly used packaging material, and plastic products need to be marked with trademarks, barcodes and numbers for identification. Using a laser marking machine to mark the surface of plastic products is an adv...
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  • Can you laser engrave aluminum?

    Can you laser engrave aluminum?

    Can you laser engrave aluminum? High-brightness laser engraving can be used on the surface of all aluminum products, such as the electronic cigarette industry. The laser marking has higher precision and is suitable for the processing of complex graphics. It supports vector graphics in all formats...
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  • laser barcode engraver

    laser barcode engraver

    Portable qr code laser engraving machine On-the-fly marking generally refers to the online flying laser marking machine, which is mainly used for on-line jet marking on the surface of various products or the surface of the outer packaging, which is different from the traditional laser marking mac...
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  • Can perspex be laser cut

    Can perspex be laser cut

    Can perspex be laser cut The laser marking machine can engrave LOGO trademarks, text patterns, QR codes, serial numbers, serial numbers, symbols, garbled numbers, etc., and even patterns on acrylic products. Laser laser marking machine has the advantages of fast marking speed, high production eff...
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  • Laser engraver sign making

    Laser engraver sign making

    Laser Cutters for Signs industry At Chanxan, we have laser cutters for signs industry professionals who would like to find the easiest way for sign making. Laser cutters for the signs industry can be the best place to start. Using CO2 and Fiber lasers can help to deliver the exquisite quality cut...
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  • Laser Color Removal / Material Removal
    Laser Color Removal / Material Removal refers to the use of laser to remove one or more layers of paint on the surface of the material, such as the application of peeling off the light transmission of the button paint layer, the application of peeling the surface paint of the opaque material, etc...
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  • Non-woven cloth cutting machine

    Non-woven cloth cutting machine

    Non-woven fabrics are generally made of cotton, hemp, bamboo, paper cloth and other materials, with beautiful and diverse colors. In life, non-woven fabrics are often used to make coasters and placemats, which are very delicate and beautiful, with strong three-dimensional sense and novel and uniq...
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  • wood laser cutting

    wood laser cutting

    wooden laser cutting machine price in india wood laser cutting Required items: Material: 5mm plywood Other items: some glue Laser head: standard head Chanxan laser used:   Laser cutting machine: CW-1310 80watt   Setting parameters: Processing Mode: Cutting speed: 20mm/s Cutting powe...
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  • stainless steel laser cutting machine price
    The guardrail consists of many square or round tubes. The pipe laser cutting machine can efficiently cut and punch stainless steel and other metal pipes. On the one hand, the processing efficiency and production capacity are improved, and on the other hand, it also lays the foundation for the pro...
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  • which laser machines are best for mdf cutting
    Logs (unprocessed wood) Wood is by far the most commonly used material for laser processing and is easy to carve and cut. Light-colored woods like birch, cherry, or maple are easily vaporized by the laser, making them more suitable for engraving. Each type of wood sign making has its own characte...
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  • wr 6040 co2 laser cutting price

    wr 6040 co2 laser cutting price

    wr 6040 co2 laser cutting price wood crafts cutting through co2 laser cutting   wood laser personalise gift shop near me 1. Wood laser cutting Laser cutting is widely used in laser processing technology. It has fast speed, high refinement and adaptability, fine kerf, small heat-affected zon...
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