laser etching machine for leather

laser etching machine for leather

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Product advantages:

• Equipped with imported RF laser generator, which has the characteristics of stable light output, fast marking speed, strong cutting ability, high precision and good effect;

• Imported RF laser generator with strong cutting ability, especially for denim spraying, fur spraying, leather punching;

• High-performance professional industrial control computer makes the operation more stable and worry-free;

• Cooperate with Germany to develop marking and engraving software, which can realize the editing function of graphics and text;

• Adopt red light positioning system to make processing accurate and not easy to produce waste;

• Powerful graphics drawing and editing functions, which can directly mark color pictures, and can also mark color pictures after grayscale conversion.
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Leather marking machine is a product of technological revolution in the new era. Compared with traditional processing methods, it has many characteristics such as high precision, fast speed, strong customization, cost saving, safety and environmental protection.

leather laser cutting machine

The application of laser technology to leather product processing saves the manufacturing cost in the production process, makes the leather industry enter a new era of digital processing, and achieves breakthroughs in technology and technology.

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Chanxan’s leather laser marking machine provides you with comprehensive and high-quality leather laser engraving, engraving, marking and laser engraving and other processing services to meet your processing needs.

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laser etching machine for leather

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laser engraving machine for leather