laser barcode engraver

laser barcode engraver

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Portable qr code laser engraving machine

On-the-fly marking generally refers to the online flying laser marking machine, which is mainly used for on-line jet marking on the surface of various products or the surface of the outer packaging, which is different from the traditional laser marking machine that can only mark stationary objects. The difference is that in the process of marking and marking, the products flow continuously on the production line, which greatly improves the production efficiency and makes the laser machine meet the requirements of industrial production.

The static laser marking is a semi-automatic marking mode. Manual loading and unloading, placing the workpiece on the working platform, and manual unloading after the marking is completed.

Laser marking barcode on metal

The online flying laser marking machine has strong text arrangement and graphics processing functions, and can automatically generate batch numbers and serial numbers.

The Chanxan online laser marking system adopts the double-head asynchronous visual positioning flight processing method, which can realize the simultaneous positioning and processing of the material while feeding the material at a uniform speed, which greatly improves the processing efficiency of the material. In addition, the processing method is not limited by the processing format, and the large-format visual positioning operation can be completed by using the image stitching of a single or multiple line scan cameras.