Jeans Laser washing Machine price

Jeans Laser washing Machine price



◆ Safe and environmentally-friendly fully enclosed appearance design; humanized operation platform, convenient and simple;

◆ Double-exchange interactive feeding table, two sets of motion systems realize interchangeable feeding, loading and unloading without stopping, greatly improving equipment utilization and work efficiency;

◆ High-performance radio frequency carbon dioxide laser generator, with good spot quality, stable output power, stable performance and long service life;

◆ Independent research and development of the projection alignment system, with the function of correcting the deviation of the projected image, simple operation and accurate alignment;

◆ Modular design, some functions can be selected freely, and customized and upgraded services can also be carried out according to the different needs of customers.

The denim laser washing machine performs high-temperature etching on the surface of the denim fabric. The yarn in the high-temperature etched area is ablated and the dye is vaporized, forming different depths of etching, resulting in patterns or other washing effects. The denim laser washing machine can make the common washing effects such as cat whiskers and monkeys appear on the jeans in about one minute, and can avoid the disadvantages of the traditional technology, and the processing effect is not inferior to the traditional washing technology.
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