femtosecond laser ceramic surface engraving

femtosecond laser ceramic surface engraving

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The use of femtosecond laser for surface micro-nano processing is the current research hotspot and the focus of future development. At present, femtosecond laser micro-nano processing still faces the problems of unoptimized process level, expensive equipment and lower processing efficiency than traditional surface processing technology. However, with the development of laser technology and the improvement of laser manufacturing level, femtosecond laser micro-nano processing technology will be further developed in the following fields:
femtosecond laser ceramic surface engraving
(1) Processing and manufacturing of precision micro-nano devices. Aerospace science and technology, high-speed information technology and other fields require more fine and stable micro-nano parts or devices, and the superior performance of femtosecond lasers will be brought into play.

(2) Preparation of large-area surface micro-nano structures. Different materials combined with the corresponding surface micro-nano structures can be widely used in super-hydrophobic self-cleaning surfaces, equipment anti-fouling and anti-corrosion, new light-absorbing materials, etc.


(3) A new way in the era of 3D printing. The use of two-photon photopolymerization technology can carry out 3D printing of micro-nano structures. At the same time, the peak energy density of femtosecond laser is relatively high, which is expected to make breakthroughs in 3D printing of micro-metal devices.

(4) Green remanufacturing industry. Use femtosecond laser processing to repair tiny parts of damaged parts, or re-scribe and repair optical waveguides, precision parts, etc.

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