cloth laser cutting machine

cloth laser cutting machine

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laser fabric cutting machine price

Laser cutting of all kinds of fabrics, all kinds of positioning cutting, printing cutting, embroidery cutting, lace cutting, flower cutting, clothing cutting, fabric hollowing out, curtain hollowing out
laser fabric cutting machine
laser fabric cutter price

The garment fabric laser cutting machine developed by Chanxan can cut along the line on the woven and embroidered fabrics and garment fabrics, that is to use the precise positioning of the laser to cut the preset graphics along the edge of the fabric.
laser fabric cutter

Under the control of the computer system, it can be automatically and repeatedly cut, and can be used for the decoration of wedding dresses, dresses, dresses, skirts, shirt collars, cuffs and other clothing.
laser cloth cutting machine price
laser cloth cutting machine

With the cooperation of the camera positioning vision system and the cutting machine software, the cutting machine can automatically track and compensate the slight stretching deformation of the fabric to ensure accurate cutting.
laser cloth cutting

The automatic camera positioning and cutting machine feeds the pattern into the computer through the vision system during operation. After processing, it can automatically search for the workpiece and accurately position it for cutting, avoiding the user's fatigue due to inaccurate positioning.


Due to the powerful data processing capability of high-end DSP technology, the targeted design of machine software and the meticulous cooperation of precision mechanical systems, the CCD fabric laser cutting machine can cut straight lines and curves without deformation under the condition of high-speed operation, realizing the function of fast and continuous curve cutting.
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clothing laser cutter machine

CW series CCD fabric laser cutting machine is mainly used in garment proofing, trademark industry, leather industry, shoe industry, decoration industry, advertising industry, etc.
cloth laser cutting machine price

Product Model CW1610- CCD Fabric Laser Cutting Machine

Effective width 1600mm*1000mm

Laser power 60W/80W (optional)

Laser type CO2 sealed off glass laser, 10.6μm

Cutting speed 0-40000mm/min

Camera pixel 3200,000

Engraving speed 0-70000mm/min


Positioning accuracy≤±0.01mm

Supported graphics formats PLT, AI, BMP, DST, DXF

Support software CORELDRAW, PHOTOSHOP, AUTOCAD, Tajima embroidery software, various garment CAD software

Power AC220/50Hz, AC110/60Hz

Total power <1500W

Working temperature 0℃-45℃

Ambient humidity 5%-95%
cloth laser cutting machine
cloth laser cutting

cloth laser cutter