Can you laser engrave plastic

Can you laser engrave plastic

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Application of laser marking on plastic products

Nowadays, plastic has become the most commonly used packaging material, and plastic products need to be marked with trademarks, barcodes and numbers for identification.

Using a laser marking machine to mark the surface of plastic products is an advanced marking technology that has fast processing speed, can maintain the inherent surface characteristics of plastic products, and make text or pattern and plastic a unified whole.

The laser marking machine uses a laser beam to directly generate marks on the plastic surface, including marks, codes, characters, numbers, patterns, lines, two-dimensional codes, etc.

Pet tag engraving machine

Chanxan laser marking machines can be used to permanently, quickly and high-quality mark many different types of commercial plastics such as polycarbonate, ABS, polyamide, and more. Due to the short installation time, flexibility and ease of use of the laser marking machine, small batch laser marking can be carried out in the most economical way.

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