Can you laser engrave aluminum?

Can you laser engrave aluminum?

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Can you laser engrave aluminum?

High-brightness laser engraving can be used on the surface of all aluminum products, such as the electronic cigarette industry. The laser marking has higher precision and is suitable for the processing of complex graphics. It supports vector graphics in all formats, and it is easier to complete the marking of corners, edges and other positions.

With its high processing efficiency and high precision, the laser high-brightness laser engraving process significantly optimizes the process in the notebook computer production process, reducing the cost of use by 30%.

At present, the high-brightness laser engraving process has been applied to the production of notebook shell LOGO, and its comfortable and beautiful marking effect has won the favor of users.

Laser high-brightness laser engraving brand LOGO

Laser high-brightness laser engraving adopts a high-power 200W continuous pulse laser to smooth the uneven surface after sandblasting to form a dense oxide layer. Aluminum alloy high-brightness marking is only a change in the microstructure of the material surface, and there is no chemical reaction.

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