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Medical Coronary Stent Cutting/Micromachining NiTi Tubes


Why are Fiber Lasers so Much More Effective in Stent Cutting?
High throughput, precision, wall-plug efficiency and repeatable results make fiber lasers the economical choice for stent cutting. Fiber lasers have a wider kerf, ideal for cutting spiral-patterned stents that require a kerf that is greater than 0.001” so the stent can flex correctly. Fiber lasers can also cut thicker walls with little taper.

Polymer and metal stents can be cut with hybrid femtosecond lasers. An ultrafast laser has extremely short pulse widths, which prevent heat damage when cutting stents. This in turn makes post-processing simple, using an ultrasonic bath and water instead of chemicals. Thin tubes with an outer diameter of 0.012” can be cut with a femtosecond laser without damaging the backside of the tube. Using an ultrafast laser provides users with unbeatable precision, offering a kerf of less than 0.0005”, which is ideal for sharp corners. While femtosecond lasers come at a higher cost, users may enjoy savings because ultrafast lasers require less argon gas.


Automobile Industry—fuel spray nozzle


Aerospace Industry—turbine blade film hole

Femtosecond laser cut metal medical tubing

Electric Industry---Electric probe card


Watch Industry---Gear machining, Dial plate micro-hole inlay


Medical field---Heart stent cutting



  • Non-contact method of material removal
  • High depth to width ration 10:1
  • Cost saving when thousands of holes are required. SPEED and REPEATABILITY!
  • Hole sizes down to 20 microns!


Laser Consistency

Laser drilling provides consistency for industries having manufacturing specifications that require tight tolerance for high depth-to-diameter ratios. The process can provide dynamic changes of hole diameter, depth and edge quality. Shaped holes of almost unlimited geometry are now possible producing unique benefits previously unobtainable by conventional processing techniques.

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