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Laser cutting of carbon fiber composite materials folding phone case


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Laser ultra-fine processing Carbon Fiber Film

 Can you laser cut composites?

Most composites can be processed by laser cutting, engraving, and marking. Lasers are playing an ever expanding role in material processing, from new product development to high volume manufacturing. For all laser processes, the energy of a laser beam interacts with a material to transform it in some way..

Typical Application

In many industries around the world, carbon fiber is playing a more and more important role. As an efficient carbon fiber cutting method, carbon fiber laser cutting has broad prospects in aerospace, automobile, sports, medical and other fields.


Aerospace Industry


Automobile Industry


Sports Industry


Medical Industry


Laser cutting carbon fiber can be done with either a CO2 laser or a fiber laser, but the highest quality cut is achieved when using Chanxan patented technology, which combines a 10.6 micron wavelength CO2 laser beam and a 1.06 micron fiber laser beam into a single hybrid laser beam. The Multiwave Hybrid laser beam enables the fiber laser to cut through the carbon reinforcing material, while the CO2 laser removes the polymer matrix material. Laser cutting carbon fiber is beneficial because it reduces edge damage compared to the traditional method of mechanical cutting.

Carbon Fiber Laser Cutting In Aerospace Industry

Carbon Fiber Laser Cutting In Aerospace Industry

Compared with steel or aluminum, carbon fiber has a lighter weight and achieves 20% to 40% weight reduction for aircraft. It greatly reduces the fuel cost and carbon dioxide emissions of aircraft. Laser cut carbon fiber is widely used to make structural components of aircraft, rockets and satellites. For example, the avionics panel of aircraft can be laser cut by a Co2 laser cutter precisely. Compared with the mechanical cutting method, the laser cutting head has no contact with workpieces. There is no scratch and wear on the surface of carbon fiber material. This can meet the high requirement of the aerospace industry. In addition, the manufacturers of artificial satellites and rockets need laser cut carbon fiber to make antennas, brackets, engine shells, nozzles and other parts.

Carbon Fiber Laser Cutting In Automobile Industry


Carbon fiber laser cutting has many advantages in the manufacturing of carbon fiber car bodies and other car parts. The laser cutting is controlled by a computer, which is very suitable for the mass production of automobile parts. The carbon fiber cut by laser cutting has high strength and durability. And the laser cut carbon fiber sheet has a smooth and tiny cutting edge. The carbon fiber parts cut by laser are easy to install and assemble on cars.

With the higher environmental protection requirements in the current world, light vehicles with laser cut carbon fiber parts are becoming more and more popular. And the laser cutting carbon fiber technology will get more and more applications in automobile manufacturing. Laser cut carbon fiber has huge application potential in the new energy vehicle manufacturing.

Carbon Fiber Laser Cutting In Sports Industry


Laser cutting technology also has a broad application prospect in the sports industry. The laser cutting method can produce many types of sports goods. And laser cut carbon fiber sports goods are very popular among sports enthusiasts. The sports goods made with carbon fiber are resistant to wear and have a longer life.

Laser cut carbon fiber sports goods are light and convenient to use. Compared with wood and plastic, carbon fiber sports goods are more durable. There are many types of laser cut carbon fiber sports goods in our daily life. Laser cutting can make carbon fiber rackets, carbon fiber skis, carbon fiber skateboards, carbon fiber bicycles, carbon fiber helmets, etc.

Carbon Fiber Laser Cutting In Medical Industry


The high-end medical equipment attaches great importance to the quality, stability and precision of the raw materials. Medical equipment made of laser cut carbon fiber composite materials has light weight, high stability and high strength. Moreover, laser cut carbon fiber can resist X-ray damage to patients. Laser cut carbon fiber can be used in medical equipment structural components such as X-ray tables, booms, head holders and so on. The laser cutting method has high processing precision and can meet the requirements of medical equipment parts processing accuracy. Besides, laser cutting has a fast cutting speed, which improves productivity for enterprises engaged in the mass production of medical equipment.

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