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Conductive thin film laser etching equipment


The equipment is suitable for high-speed laser etching, stripping, etching, scribing, scribing, material removal, and structuring of conductive materials on PET films and Glass substrates.


Applicable materials

Glass/film surface indium tin oxide (ITO), silver paste (Ag), carbon nanotube (CNT), graphene, nano-silver, molybdenum, aluminum, molybdenum, copper, polymer conductive film, aluminum film, PERC, perovskite battery , FTO, TCO, carbon powder and other coating materials ultra-fine line width laser etching.


Application industry

1. Touch screen GF, GFF, OGS for mobile phones, vehicles, tablets, smart wearables, food ordering machines, etc.

2. Etching of the conductive film layer on the OGS of the vehicle touch screen body.

3. Thin-film solar cells, perovskite cells and other photovoltaic industries.

4. Emerging energy industries, such as electrochromic tinted glass, etc.

5. Luminous glass, outdoor display glass, display flexible film, etc.

6. Other displays.



1. Laser etching is dry etching, the processing process is simple, all processing is automatically controlled by software, the product consistency is high, the yield rate is as high as 99%, no consumables, environmental protection, reliable and stable.

2. The CCD camera is automatically positioned, and the processing accuracy is high.

3. The equipment is easy to operate, the drawing files are easily updated, the process is shortened, and the utilization rate is high.

4. The equipment control software can realize automatic image file segmentation, mobile splicing processing, and the splicing accuracy can reach ±3μm

5. Low power consumption, few operators, no pollution and low production cost.

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