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CO2 Metal Tube Marking Machine CX-30S 60S 100S



The core optical components of the CO2 RF metal tube laser marking machine are all imported from the United States, the United States imported CO2 radio frequency laser, and the United States high-speed scanning galvanometer, which provides a reliable guarantee for the machine's long-term continuous high-speed and stable operation. The CO2 radio frequency laser is a gas laser with a laser duration of 10.64um. It belongs to the mid-infrared frequency band, and the CO2 laser has a relatively large power and a relatively high electro-optical conversion rate. The carbon dioxide laser uses CO2 gas as its working substance. Charge CO2 and other auxiliary gases into the discharge tube. When a high voltage is applied to the electrode, a glow discharge is generated in the discharge tube. The gas molecules can release laser light. After expanding and focusing the released laser energy, it can be deflected by the scanning galvanometer for laser processing.

Non-metal laser marking machine laser marking machine laser engraving machine, is popular for non-metal materials marking, widely used in leather, wood, textile, plastic, signage, packagingcrafts, electronics, communications devices, watches, glasses, printing, decoration areas, etc.

 The laser marking machine uses a high-energy laser beam to irradiate a certain part of the workpiece to vaporize the surface material or cause a chemical reaction of color change, thereby leaving a permanent mark. The laser spot is extremely small and will not be damaged. The material itself.

Using imported RF metal tube, the laser beam quality is good, the optical power density is uniform, and the output optical power is stable, which meets the mainstream market application requirements.

The optical path system adopts a double-layer sealed structure to prevent dust from entering the optical path cavity and improve the service life and use efficiency of core components.

Digital high-speed scanning galvanometer, fast speed, excellent stability, performance reaches the international advanced level.

Fast marking speed and low marking cost.Suitable for marking a variety of materials, with clear and beautiful markings, permanent maintenance, quick installation and convenient maintenance.

The software is compatible with DXF, PLT, BMP, AI, JPG and other formats, and can automatically generate serial numbers, production dates, barcodes and QR codes.



1.It adopts imported or high-quality domestic CO2 RF laser source, which has better beam quality, high photoelectric   conversion rate and good performance.  

2.High engraving precision, clear marking machine, not easy to wear, fast marking speed, stable performance,   no consumables for equipment.

3.Long working life, stable laser output, suitable for industrial long-term continuous work, and can be refifilled   with gas continuing to use.

4.Support PLT, PCX, DXF, BMP and other documents, directly use SHX, TTF fonts, support automatic coding, serial number,   batch number, date, barcode and QR code marking, software has graphic anti-play function.    


Model CX-30S/60S/100S
Laser power 30W/60W/100W
Laser wavelength 10.64μm
Repeat frequency ≤20KHZ
Marking speed ≤7000mm/s
Minimum font +/-0.4mm
Repeat positioning accuracy ±0.01mm
Control system AC 110V/220V ±10%50HZ
Whole power 1500W





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