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CO2 Laser Cutting Machine CW-1630TF


Large format laser cutting machine is popular in advisement, garment, and textile. Enhanced welding machine, high strength aluminum alloy beam, very suitable for density board, acrylic, composite board and other materials of the whole sheet cutting, intelligent layout, improve the utilization rate of the plate. The structure make sure the stability and precision of these machines. Our machines are high tech product with laser cutting technology, high precision and automatic control software. This kind of product is compact volume, multifunction, economic processing, environment friendly, which can fit quickly develop of informatization, diversification and individuation of customers’ demands.

Machine can cut large areas of wool, artificial leather. White-cloth cutting without yellow edges, clean cloth cutting without hard edges, and fluffy fabric without burn edges. With power, frequency and speed following function, it effectively reduces corner burrs.



1. Really useful in cutting, engraving on large format

2. Auto feeding system make the operation easy and quick, at the same time save the human cost

3. Adopt stable working chassis, make sure the working steady and accuracy

4. Cylinder type guide make sure the transportation smoothly and fast, to save time, and the transportation of accurate gear to achieve high precision

5.The synchronous movement of laser tube and laser head, shorten laser path, decrease the laser attenuation, to ensure cutting effectively and at the  

  same time save the energy  

6. The blowing and exhaust system dispose the dust and smoke during cutting, avoid the fire then protect the material


Model CW-1630F
Working area 1600mm*3000mm
Laser power 80W-150W
Cutting speed 0-800mm/s
Engrave speed 0-1000mm/s
Support formats DXF/PLT/BMP/AI/HMLDST
Reposition accuracy <0.02mm
Working temperature 1℃-40℃
Working voltage 220±10% 50Hz(60Hz)
Cooling mode enforced water cooling system
Whole machine power 2500W
Whole machine weight 800KG


Ideal for professional users who need large-format cutting and engraving work in industries such as apparel, home textile industry, industrial fabrics, leather goods, packaging, advertising, decoration, construction, paper products and formwork.




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