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CO2 Laser Cutting Machine CW-1310


Machine introduction

1.Very good at cutting big size design, like acrylic, wood, felt, mdf and so on.

2.Widely used in advertising, packing, printing, decoration, building, template and so on.

3. Energy saver, whole machine max power consumption is only 2.5KW.

4. Software control system, easy operate, specialized working system

5. The development goal of CM series laser equipment is to give full play to the performance of motion control and improve the effect of laser processing. Regardless of software design, mechanical structure, electrical performance, and selection of accessories, it always emphasizes the purpose of serving the processing site. In the factory environment of a total quality management system The three indicators of stability, accuracy and speed can reflect the level of world-class equipment. The products that strive for perfection have become the best carrier for laser processing, a new operating method in the industrial field. The CW series laser equipment equipped with dual laser heads uses two laser tubes and laser heads to work at the same time. For users in mass processing industries such as patching embroidery, the processing efficiency is doubled, the cutting effect is uniform, and the cost is saved and the output is increased. Everything is under control.


Multiple Industrial Applications-CW-1310

Crafts.Wooden artwork and gift box. Crystal nameplate. Certificate and agency badges.Sigens engraving .Portraits and Pictures engraving ,Organic glass.

Double color board engraving. Leather decorating and cutting. Stone Engraving For parks.

Automotive instrument panel, Automotive nameplate.


1. Exclusive process development to avoid the problem of traditional laser cutting with yellow or dark edge. 

2. High-performance motherboard with anti-jamming feature can output more complete data. And machine is with power-off   continuous carving, slope carving function. 

3. Fast curve cutting function. Any curve can be cut continuously in rapid succession. 

4. With power, frequency and speed following function, it effectively reduces corner burrs; corner energy following technology makes   sharp angle cutting technology more perfect. 

5. The software design path can be optimized as needed to reduce processing time and improve efficiency. 

6. CCD cameras, stainless steel baseboard or other  parts could be added to meet the requirements and improve the efficiency.


Model CW-1310
Process area 1300*1000mm
laser type/power CO2 laser glass tube-80w-130w
cutting speed 0-800mm/s
engraver speed 0-1000mm/s
positioning accuracy <0.02mm
Supported formats DXF/PLT/BMP/AI/HML/DST
Cooling system water cooling and protection system
whole power 1500W
Net weight 300KG
work temperature 1℃-45℃
machine dimension 1900mm*1550*1130mm





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